DISOP Philippines

How did our farmer-beneficiaries cope up with the Covid-19 pandemic to their advantage?

The ongoing global health crisis has affected all walks of life.  When DISOP Philippines started to initially implement the project in the middle of February 2020, who would have thought that activities will be disrupted by this phenomenon!  At first, we are worried about what will happen to the marginal sectors like our farmer-beneficiaries.  The lockdown came but our communication with the beneficiaries continues.  However, farmers in the project area did not worry so much.  Instead, they made use of the situation to focus on what the situation can offer to their advantage.

With everyone on lockdown and cannot travel outside their communities, farmers resorted to focusing on crop production on their farms.  The result was tremendous.  They expanded the farm area and planted upland rice, corn, peanuts, vegetables, bananas, and root crops.   Coupled with an ample supply of rain, the farmers were able to generate a bountiful harvest this year amidst the pandemic.  This is especially true to the farmer-beneficiaries of Cantao-an’s people’s organization.  Apart from the vegetable seeds they received from the project, some 33 of the beneficiaries also received cash assistance from the government.

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