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Integrated agroecology project in Paranas, Samar

The agroecology project that DISOP Philippines has started in Paranas, Samar was focused on the integration of fruit trees in the farmer-beneficiaries’ farms.  Moreover, it also distributed vegetable seeds to diversify the sources of food and encourage vegetable production and FAITH gardening in the community.  DISOP Philippines implemented the project in collaboration with the Organic Farmers Family Association of Cantao-an (OFFAC) in Barangay Cantao-an, Paranas, Samar.  OFFAC is a newly organized people’s organization (PO) aimed to unite interested people of Cantao-an in conserving the natural resource base of the barrio in consonance with nature.  The organization is promoting and advocating organic farming as one of the means to preserve their traditional varieties of upland rice and some vegetable crops.

In 2019, the OFFAC planted around 3,800 fruit trees such as grafted seedlings of seedless lanzones (Lansium parasiticum), rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum), and Bangkok santol (Sandoricum koetjape).  They also purchased marcotted kalamansi (Citrus spp.) and propagated some seeds of native cacao, guyabano, and coffee in the nursery.  Aside from those, the PO acquired tissue-cultured banana and coffee from the Department of Agriculture.  OFFAC also received technical assistance through training and seminars to equip them with skills necessary in doing farming activities as well as in managing their organization.  For more information about the organization please contact the president of the organization, Mr. Allan Salazar with mobile phone number 0965 495 2084.

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