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Youth participation in conservation activities encouraged

During the course of the project implementation, partner associations encourage the involvement of the youth.  This development in the community was a welcome gesture for the youth since the pandemic struck the whole world.  The COVID-19 pandemic forced them to stay and do the modular and/or online classes at home.  When the association decided to let them participate, the youth considered it as a solace and relief of being active again and up close to nature.  It was a welcome gesture!  Conservation activities were a new concept to them especially in Barangay Cantao-an, Paranas, Samar.  So they become excited to do the activities and learn from it while performing the task.

Some parents who are members of the association cited also that “It is now our turn to teach our children about planting trees!”  She recalled that when they were young, their parents were the ones teaching them the work.  The youth are their second liners.  Involving them is valuable.  Hence, the associations mobilized the youth from potting the wildlings/seedlings up to the time the seedlings are planted in the field.  The associations however only accepted those who are 18 years old and above to work in the nursery or plant trees in the area.  During planting they are also paired with either their parents or somebody who is knowledgeable to teach them the proper way of planting the trees.  A number of things they learned from the experience includes the following:

  1. Proper proportion of mixing the soil media which is essential in plant growth;
  2. Good seedling/wildling stock means better trees when they mature;
  3. Arranging seedlings and classifying, weeding and hardening;
  4. Proper handling during transport which is the common mistakes of workers;
  5. During planting, removing the plastic bag is essential to facilitate easy root growth and making sure the seedling is properly settled in the hole by putting it firmly but gently.
The youths in Barangay Cantao-an, Paranas, Samar performed weeding activities of newly potted narra (Pterocarpus indicus) located in the association nursery of Organic Farmers Family Association of Cantao-an (OFFAC)
Ivy Loyola of Barangay Binaloan, Taft, Eastern Samar is one of the many youths that had the opportunity to in the plantation project of the Binaloan Upland Farmers Agro-Industrial Development Association (BUFAIDA). Ivy is clearing the surroundings of a Red lauan tree (Shorea negrosensis) after planting.
Daniel Mabubay of Barangay Cantao-an, Paranas, Samar (OFFAC), tending to a Patsaragon tree (Syzygium crassibracteatum) during one of the monitoring activities of the family-based plantation in the area.
A father-daughter tandem in planting the tree. Gwen, the daughter, clean the surroundings of a yakal tree while Mano Pilo continues to put stakes in one of the areas that BUFAIDA has planted for the 50-hectare plantation this 2021.

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